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The purpose of this course is to help you gain confidence that there “IS” something you can do to protect…

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  • What You’ll Find Inside This Course
  • What you’ll get is a complete and most advanced course we have with videos, PDF eBooks, eReports and text…… that contains a good foundation of Tai Zhang Dao (TZD) with how to use your cane for personal protection in a manner that is unavailable anywhere else on the internet. 
  • You can now learn at home and it is the same course we teach in our Dojo and on cruises at a fraction of what you would pay to learn from an instructor.
  • In it, among other things, you can learn the Tai Chi and Qi gong secrets of how to move better, learn how to use deception and distraction to gain a “first strike” capability and last but not least learn how to effectively use a cane for self-defense.
  • You will learn not only the moves, but the theory and background of how, why and when to use them. It’s the closest and easiest way to learn at home short of finding a local TZD instructor to teach you.

And, it is not just for men, but ideal for women too!

We have compiled elements of self-defense that is not offered elsewhere and the moves we use are designed for the Senior population by a Senior (born in 1937 and is the instructor in the videos). He knows what it is to have the limitations due to infirmities and aging.

What do you need for the course?

  • No special physical or clothing requirements.

  • A walking cane with a crook handle is preferable and easiest to work with.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • By the end of the course you will have learned how to use a cane to protect yourself.
  • A knowledge of ways that will give you “first strike” capability.

  • A knowledge of how to move in a more coordinated and fluid way.

  • Most people will find an improvement in their strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity.

Who would want to take this course?

  • Men, women, and responsible young adults.

  • People who want to learn an aggressive attack form of personal protection instead of the defensive forms currently taught by most schools?

  • People who feel the need for personal protection knowledge and ability as a result of your living or work environments.

  • People who want “NOT” to be a victim and know that there “IS” something you can do if the need arises.

  • People who want to rapidly learn how to protect themselves without years of study and practice.

  • People who travel and want to be able to take an effective tool for personal protection with you when you travel anywhere in the world and without question from security personnel.

  • It is “NOT” for people who have limited mobility or are unable to stand.

Start on your way to gaining confidence of your safety when you travel away from home.

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Helping You to Protect Yourself Against Violence Where You Live, Work or Travel.”


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