Golden Lotus Qigong - An Introduction to Self-healing


In this course, you will learn a unique style of Qigong called “Golden Lotus” created by Tai Chi Master Wei…

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Whether or not you are aware of it, you hold all the ability you need to heal your body, mind, and soul no matter what you are going through or experiencing. In this course, you will learn a unique style of Qigong called “Golden Lotus” created by Tai Chi Master Wei Lun Huang to help you to harness this self-healing power. 

Qigong is the medicine for the healer and is referred to as acupuncture without needles. It captures the essence of oriental medicine in a personal practice which includes some of the necessary tools for self-healing.

With this Introductory Course and related courses to follow, you will be learning techniques of self-healing that have been used in China successfully for thousands of years without the intervention or necessity of the typical expensive pharmaceuticals or medical procedures used here in the U.S.   

Even better, in China, they are treating and curing such ailments as cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease and many other similar ones with a high degree of effectiveness that Western medicine has failed to equal. 

The convergence of Western and Eastern Medicine is now being practiced in several parts of the world. The synergy of the research-based Western Medicine and over 4,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the latest approach by Western medical institution’s healthcare programs. It is now being used in modern healthcare commonly known as “Integrative Care.” 

This is the same course that was taught by Sui Huang to passengers on Holland America’s Cruise Line for their multi-month Grand Cruises. She is here to start you on your journey to help you now enjoy a centuries old Chinese tradition of maintaining your health, wellness and longevity.

So don’t delay in achieving your goals! Get started learning now….. the “Easy” way!   

Shifu Wei Liam