Using a Cane for Personal Protection

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This “no rules” aggressive style incorporates effective methods and techniques from various disciplines such as Tai Chi, Hapkido, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, and Kung Fu. It was developed initially to fill a need that addresses the ability of people to rapidly learn how to protect themselves without years of study and practice.

What You’ll Find Inside This Course

  • What you’ll get is a complete and no strings attached video course … that contains the basics and fundamentals to get you up and running with how to use your cane for personal protection that you will find relatively easy to do.
  • And, it is not just for men, but ideal for women too!
  • In it, there are some simple exercises to strengthen your body, and increase your fitness to help you use the cane effectively.
  • A start to put you on a path to having some fun with new skills and developing your self-confidence so that you when you leave home, you will travel with peace of mind.

You might wonder why, in the course of watching the lesson videos, that I am the instructor and not someone younger. It’s simply to show you how someone with the infirmities of old age, numerous operations, and other physical limitations can master the TZD style. If I can do it, so can you…if you have the determination to improve yourself.

The one thing of which you need to be aware of before taking this course is that you need some degree of mobility to move around in order to do most of the moves that it calls for.

My greatest joy is when I hear back from someone who has learned the TZD style, that there was some incident where the skill they had acquired saved them from serious consequences in a street confrontation.

A movie that made a big impression on me was the one titled “Pay it Forward.” And that is the way I have tried to orient the things I do and how I live. Don’t get me wrong, money is important, but the ripple effect from the things you do to help others, without thought of any thanks, is far more important and rewarding.

What goes around, comes around. I believe this heartily and that is why I want people to take this course so that it may, one day, save someone’s life or serious injury (even yours). And, I want to hear about it from you.

This Course is provided for you in order to give you the Cane Skills that will enable you to know that “There “IS” Something You Can do to Avoid Becoming a Victim.”

What are you waiting for?  Add this course to the cart button on this page today and start building your fitness and confidence.

“Helping You to Protect Yourself Against Violence Where You Live, Work, or Travel.”


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