Blind-side the Dragon


Learn a horizontal side strike to knee, rib, or head (BLIND-SIDE THE DRAGON STRIKE).

Fighting while moving on a 45° angle to your opponent instead of straight forward and backward is a great way to make your attacks connect. This is a difficult subject to teach in a manual, but let’s just say that there’s no reason that you have to be directly in front of someone when you’re striking them.

Throwing strikes in combinations is also very important. If you throw one strike at a time, you won’t have a high success rate of landing them. It’s much more difficult to defend against four or five strikes than one, especially if you send them to different parts of the body. That’s a concept called “changing attack levels.” A little concept like this makes your attacks far more likely to land, and if you’ve created some knockout power already, you can use combinations to lead right into your knockout strikes.

Video: Blind-side the Dragon Strike

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