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self defense for seniors
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TZD (Tai Zhang Dao) Advanced Course

A New Way of Self Defense Training Course Using a Cane

Learn how to become a highly-skilled “Windmill Warrior.”  Take the Advanced course to learn how to advance your skills to a higher level.

Feel safe whenever you leave home no matter where you go!

You will learn not only how to protect yourself in a short time with this personal protection training course, but instead, learn how to defeat your opponent using a combination of deception, distraction, and gaining a first-strike capability. You will learn some of the Tai Chi secrets of how to move your body effectively by using internal energy and maximizing the power of your strikes. And best of all, you will do this without involving hand to hand, close-quarter combat techniques.

The TZD style is ideal for seniors and travelers, yet very suitable for people of all ages.

“The purpose of fighting is to win.
There is no possible victory in defense.
The sword (cane) is more important than the shield,
and skill is more important than either.
The final weapon is the brain.
All else is supplemental.
–John Steinbeck

How Can You Imitate nature? 

You can do so by simply learning Chinese martial arts methods in our personal protection training courses of how to move naturally as your body was designed to move and not in the rigid, formal, way that many “hard” styles teach.

As with Tai Chi, the underlying concept of TZD is to imitate certain aspects of nature and follow their movements. For instance, take the wind, it can vary from a gentle breeze to a raging hurricane (typhoon) following the path of least resistance.

It can gently caress your body or blow away everything in its path. It does not use direct force but wraps around a resistance with a driving force until it bends the object to its will.

Or, take water as in a lake or flowing river. It can be a source of peace and solitude or a raging flood ravaging everything downstream that also follows the path of least resistance.

Resistance by anything in the path of the flow is futile because it does not use brute force to root things out but flows around and envelops any opposition until the object yields to the constant driving pressure exerted upon it. Similar things could be said of fire and earth.

A Circular Path of Least Resistance

Notice also the fact that these forces rarely move in a straight line but follow a curved or circular path of least resistance. So too should you adopt a similar method in your moves.

You need to imitate these powerful forces of nature in the course of your training. You should try to flow around your opponent; your arms should maintain a constant pressure of strikes and blows until the opposition ceases to be a problem; your feet should take you down the path of least resistance.

These actions should all happen without any conscious thought or direction from your mind. For example: When someone throws you a ball, do you have to think about how to intercept and catch it, or do your body and hands just react to catch it without conscious thought or directions? This should be your goal in training.

 Since there are no rules in actual combat, you need to learn these flowing concepts and methods in our personal protection training course, not rules and forms. Conserve energy in any confrontation by learning how to move naturally and effectively instead of using brute force.

This is the underlying philosophy of TZD

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