Opening the Central Channel” and “Expanding the Chi” : Theory of the Movements


You will learn how the moves affect the Qi (energy) flow, which parts of the body are affected, and a description of how the move is performed. These two moves, “Opening the Central Channel” and “Expanding the Chi” energy field are the first moves in starting the Golden Lotus Qigong series of exercises (forms).


Opening the Central Channel & Expanding the Chi


To begin, take a few minutes to clear the mind, do some meditations from deep inside. Join all of the body's energy together, completely relaxed.

Start by standing correctly. Line fingers up with toes. The mind connects to the (lower) dantian (see chart below) and every part of the body connects to the bottom of the feet, strongly rooted to the ground.


1) Opening the Central Channel.

Open the center spine to get Qi energy flowing by connecting yin energy of the earth with the yang energy of heaven. The yin energy point on the body is the perineum (huiyin) and the yang Qi energy point is the crown of the head (bai hui). The spine is where the energy flows up the Governing Channel to the head. The Golden Lotus Qi Gong beginning movement opens this inner channel.

Pay attention to internal connections. Connect the “Bubbling Springs” energy gate (yuan chuan) on the bottom of your feet to the earth and then to the perineum. Match the palms of the hands to the soles of the feet and the ten fingers to the ten toes. Connect these energy points to the perineum. When you inhale, bring the energy through the energy gates in your feet up to the crown of the head through the spine and then expand the energy all around the head. When you exhale send the energy down to the “Labor Palace” (lao gung) point on your palms. Try to do this as perfectly as possible. Then on the next breath, let the energy flow down Central Channel to your lower dantian.


Start with hands down to thighs facing each other. With hands facing each other about 6” apart, raise up to the top of the head level and then back down, palms downward. Repeat 5 times.


2) Expanding the Qi Field

Expand the Qi energy field from deep inside your body at the center point of the dantian, three inches below the navel, deep inside your body. Expand from the inner yin part to outer yang part of the body by pulling the palms apart when you inhale, feeling as if there are strings of energy between the fingers, and then feeling the palms drawn back together when you exhale. When the hands are drawn together, the knees bend, and then when the hands pull apart you straighten up.

First, you worked the energy flow up and down the central channel and now you expand it from the inside to the outside. This is understanding the body from inside out and outside in. These first two preliminaries give the understanding of the center core sensations of moving the energy up and down the spine by first Opening the Central Channel and then from the inside to the outside connections from the lower dantian, expanding the Qi energy field.


Opening. Continuing from the above last move of Opening the Central Channel starting with the hands as shown at the thigh level. Place hands down at dantian level facing each other 6” apart. Raise and spread arms out to chest height.

Repeat 5 times.

Compact the Qi.

Labor Palace Energy Gate                               Bubbling Springs Energy Gate

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